Mount Robson

Our day started with one big bump in the road. Despite the magic postcard view we could not enjoy our cabin last night as the highway noise kept Geoff and I painfully awake! We were a worried yesterday when we checked in to find out our cabin was so close to the highway. The guy said the traffic slowed down at night, however it did not. Luckily there was another cabin further down the river available and we moved. Oh yes, now our cabin was perfect. Thank goodness.
It was an upgrade and we ended up with a lovely veranda with table and two separate rooms. So despite the annoying move we ended up with a better cabin location and view.
imageThe kids played soccer while I read my book for two hours. The guy at the checkin desk lent Bailey a guitar so he was in heaven playing for ages under a tree. Initially he was worried he had lost his gift. Alas soon enough it came back to him much to his delight.
We all just took the time to chill out and do nothing for half a day, and enjoy our log cabin experience. The one we had been dreaming about for ages.
imageIt was about then I looked up and looked out our window and really took in the amazing view. It was like my eyes were fresh and relaxed and I just noticed the magic snow capped range for the first time. I said this to Geoff, he exhaled as he too soaked in the post card Rockies view.
A little squirrel was very busy at work forth back and forth carrying nuts one at a time to his den under a cabin veranda. He moved with such an urgency getting ready for winter. I looked under there wanting to see his pile, but it was hidden from view. When we were in Alaska we watched a squirrel throwing nuts  from a tree like a mad man. They work so fast. They throw a whole pile to the ground then come down and carry them one at a time to their den. Its pretty  funny to watch. And they dont give a toss (hehe…) that you stand there and watch.
After lunch we drove to a nearby lake for a swim. We found some interesting fresh water critters. One we think was a leech. It kept us thoroughly entertained for ages squealing with delight trying to get it to suck onto our skin. We were all too chicken so volunteered Geoffs foot. It did suck on but we didnt see any blood, so that was a let down after the big build up.
imageOn the way home we visited a lovely waterfall, well actually it was a class five rapid. Nice to view from the platform, scary as shit in a raft.
We ended our day with a little visit to the campfire chatting to five people from Holland while Bailey played some guitar.

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