Mount Robson

Another nice slow start to the day… sleeping in, lazy breaky (loving that we can make toast!!) whilst enjoying the mountain view.
We packed a few bits in Geoffs backpack like muesli bars, apples, carrots, trail mix and water and prepared for the days adventure. We headed to the base of Mount Robson to commence operation Kinney Lake.
imageActually it was a fairly easy hike. Nothing too strenuous. We ended up doing a 14km trip in and out. The first 4.5km of the walk was a flat path following the fast flowing glacial river. Lovely moist forest with moss covered rocks and various interesting fungi.
imageThe second part of the walk varied from some hiking up the mountain through drier terrain around the milky blue lake.
imageThe view of the mountain range perfectly reflecting in the lake was, well you know, the postcard shot of the day. The weather is magic, clear blue skies, warm and still. It was a busy trail with lots of hikers with full packs and hiking sticks who were in for the long haul. The complete trail takes a few days past more lakes, waterfalls and glaciers. That would be magic if you are the fit and prepared type. It did get us talking about buying some proper hiking gear and undertaking some weekend hikes when back in WA maybe in the Southwest. When we are walking we get LOTS of time for talking. Thats our holiday present to one another we are all loving and making the most of.

One thought on “Mount Robson

  1. Looks absolutely stunning! I love that you found yourself a little affordable log cabin for a few days to unwind, switch off and give yourself the real ‘Rocky Mountain’ experience! I am so very envious of you guys and all your adventures! Great photos as always! That lake reflection shot is amazing! xxx

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