Mount Robson

The kids keep themselves amused while we pack up our motel in Clearwater. Another owned by a family from India. It must be a sort after business when they immigrate. Most of the motels we stay in are owned by Indians. We could smell yummy authentic curry coming from their private quarters last night.
Log cabin accommodation (within our price range) in this popular area was again proving difficult today. So we set off a little earlier to the next town of Valemount. We are about an hour now from Jasper. Its a bit like the ski fields anywhere – expensive. If you stay right in the village things are double the price of lodging say an hour away. An hour away is Mount Robson Lodging. We found a quaint little cabin for $135 per night for the four of us. Two queen beds, a dinky little kitchen and shower. Most of all, it has that log cabin Rockie mountain view we wanted to pull off. It has no telly so it will be quiet time for everyone.. perfect! No log fire, bugger! Actually, it is too warm for a fire. The temp today was 28′.
imageThe kids are happy as pigs in mud. Bailey found a soccer ball under our cabin left from the last kids. Gracie likes to potter around setting up our stuff and making it like home. The first things to find their place are always the teddies. They get a prime location over any of our other possessions. 
imageIn the town of Valemount we visited the local museum. The kind run by a local hysterical society and very well done. It featured areas on the history of rail, local people, olden day life, hunting and trapping. 
imageThe kids played a game they made up called ‘wipeout’ on the big swing set. Geoff timed one at a time as they had to race through the route they made up. 
I can tell the slower pace of our lives at this point in the journey by the amount of photos I am taking. When its busy epic days I am taking up to 100. The last few days I am lucky to take 10 a day. Also I love that our cabin has no technology. It is a real escape. I am saving my blogs and will upload later. There is no wifi, no mobile coverage and no telly. This mean no nagging from the kids and no late nights watching telly. Bailey read a whole book today and I am not far off sinking into mine. I am tired and I just want to sleep for three days. I dont think we are eating enough red meat and are growing fatigued, or maybe its the fact we are having too many late nights.
So here I am in the porch blogging to you right now. We have the mozzie coil going, a little red wine poured in my paper cup and Geoff is having a beer. I have a REAL meal cooking on the stove of veggies and chicken. We will enjoy the river and mountain views while here. We have booked three nights to setting in and have a rest. Geoff has the mountain hiking map in hand and planning some walks. Geoff says he feels the mountain calling him to climb it. Apparently it takes skilled mountaineers a week. It is the highest in the Rockies coming in just under 4000 meters. 

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