Well what a day. We all agree its been one of the most supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Lets begin…

We had to get up ‘early’… which for us was 7.30am. We are loving our home away from home at Bill and Glorias humble house in Colin Crescent. We had to be at the Jasper Riding Stables at 8.45am. On the way we were lucky enough to spot a massive Elk bull, a mum and her baby calf. They are pretty quiet and will stand nicely while you take a photo and have a good look.
imageOur trail ride in the Rocky Mountains went for two hours. It went past Patricia Lake with a beautiful view of Pyramid Mountain. We seen another big bull Elk and it spooked our horses. They all jumped and so did we! We all managed to stay on our horses. Even me with one hand! That got our hearts racing.
imageThe rest of the ride went down and up and down the mountains through pine forest and grassy plains. At one point we were right up on the mountain with a wide open view of Jasper National Park. A trail ride like this was on Gracies ‘must do’ list when we came to Canada. So she was super happy with a smile from ear to ear. And she got to ride the horse all by herself. We were all like the rusty tin man in a rain shower when we got off. I had to get my legs working again. Riding a horse finds muscles you never knew existed. Geoff said he couldnt feel his toes. After about an hour walking we came good again.
We came back to our home for a late lunch. Geoff and Bailey went and had a game of squash while I took Gracie to the big slide at the local aquarena. We walked around the cool touristy town of Jasper. Bailey brought a piece of Ammolite. A Canadian fossil he has been busting at the chops to buy since Alaska. Gracie brought a lovely native indian cedar flute. So today they both brought special gifts to take home. Gracie played her flute for the rest of the day.
imageWe decided to go bear hunting out on Meligne Lake Road and tell you what we were in for a magnificent treat. The road is about 50km long from Jasper to the lake. It is known for its sunset beauty and animals on sunset. Now because the sun goes down so late here it was going to be a late one. We visited the Meligne Gorge and Waterfall on the way. Oh that was spectacular too. There are fossils from the Devonian Period imbedded on the path. They were really neat for us fossil loving buffs.
imageThen on we drove to the lake in search of bears about an hour before sunset. As we neared the lake there were about 8 cars pulled over and people out taking photos. Now we see this often here so we jump out thinking maybe a Caribou or Elk and bugger me it was black bears. First we see the mum and two cubs, then right in front of us was a third cub – triplets! OMG they were mental cute. Gracie and Bailey had tears in their eyes from the excitement, joy and sheer magic of seeing a family of bears right in front of us. And bugger all of the bear etiquette we had been reading about, we were nice and close and making eye contact! The kids got on the roof of the car to watch.
We were just kept saying (very quietly) OMG… OMG… We followed and watched them for about an hour as they grazed on berries along the roadside. They move pretty fast chomping berries and quickly stripping the little berry bushes. The cubs were so cute. When one looked right at Gracie she buried her face in my belly nearly crying saying it was soooooo cute she couldnt bear it anymore! Even watching them poo was soooo cute. We said oooooo look he is having a little poo in the woods!
imageIt was nearly dark and they wanted off into the bushes. We also seen a moose mummy and her calf crossing the road on the way home. Oh what a day.

One thought on “Jasper

  1. Wow, wow, wow – you finally got your bear and other wildlife experience you’ve been longing for! I’m so happy for you guys, I know how incredibly exciting it can be when you have amazing in the wild interactions like that! So very cool! xxx

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