Well we made it.. Jasper National Park in the Rocky Mountains. I feel like our whole holiday was built around the idea of coming to the Rockies that was born maybe two years ago.

You know we have seen some pretty amazing placed by now in our travels both around the world and on this journey. So is the Rockies a blow you mind kind of place? Well Geoff and I were discussing this at dinner tonight. We know it is. But sometimes we get a bit spoilt and we see so many grand things that its just another grand amazing place. And so it is. Plus, we have been to Alaska and that was a lost for words kind of place.

We left Mount Robson this morning departing from our lovely log cabin life that we all enjoyed. It was both relaxing and beautiful. It costs $20 a day to be in the Jasper National Park. And like any popular snow town we knew we would need to allow time to start our accommodation hunt early. So we went straight to the Visitors Centre and got the local run down. We ended up moving into Glorias house as she rents our the three rooms in the bottom floor of her home. It is very popular here, the locals renting out spare rooms. Bit like a B & B without any breakfast. Share bathroom, microwave, tea and coffee. We are all in one room for $80 with one double and two foam mattresses on the floor. Gloria and Bill look like they are in there late 60’s and they live up above the rooms they are renting.

So after checking we drove off into Jasper National Park to visit a couple of the sights. First Alabasca Waterfall. More of that milky blue Glacier river fast flowing rapids. It is amazing to watch and loud to listen. More busy winter preparing squirrels running about carrying nuts into their dens.

imageThen off to visit one of the must sees, Mt Edith Cavell Glacier and Lake. Gloria had told us a year ago a huge chunk of the Glacier had smashed down into the lake and caused flash flooding, trail and carpark damage. It was pretty evident when we drove and walked the trail with big washouts. The lake was full of icebergs, and the like was icy cold to match.

imageWe ate pizza and beer for dinner at the Jasper rooftop Pizza. while Bailey read a book and Gracie completed the restaurant activity sheet. It was then nice to come back to our little room. It feels like any other room in our own home, comfy and homely.image


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