I read something a few weeks ago about the fact that we have run out of words in the English language to express when something is awesome, magical, wonderful or amazing. We have already used ‘awesome’ to describe the sandwich we made for lunch so how can I use it to describe a spectacular view? Just like I used those words yesterday in my blog after seeing four bears in the woods, and yes one had a poo! So today we had to stay home and rest as I run out of awesome describing words and our cheeks were still sore from sleeping with a smile from yesterday.

I dont know that I have always been good with words. I am a doing kind of person. I use my passion and energy to get the point across, and I do this best in person. This intimidates some people I know. Despite this, I continue to support us all to be our raw barefoot authentic selves.
So how can I do my blog justice through words without getting my body involved? I can do it by telling you we had a tear in our eyes, a hand on our hearts, hands linked, we held our breath, our eyes locked, our mouths open, heart pumping, our legs ached and we were lost for words. Thats the kind of thing we have all been experiencing lately.
So far we have learned that any day can be a good day. Its all about how you choose to view things. Even when we have shitty days, accepting thats a typical part of travelling, being away from home and out of our comfort zone. And we are learning to have days where we do ‘nothing’. It takes a while to get your system to unravel so that you can enjoying ‘being without doing’. We never last very long!
There are two worlds. The one at home where ‘thats how the world works’ 9 to 5 kind of stuff. Then there is the one travelling where you take each day as it comes with no schedule to keep. Some of you on my blog or Facebook comments have said you dont know if you could do what we are doing, flying by the seat of our pants, not knowing plans, things not working out. Well to tell you the truth I was not that kind of person either when we started travelling years ago with the kids. Each time it gets easier to the point where we go well bugger it, lets drive off and deal with accommodation when we get tired. Everything works itself out in the end.
Its great for our kids to experience uncomfortableness and be able to work through it. Their lives are too easy anyway. I like it when my kids gets to experience some pain. They learn to work through it and get to the other side. Thats the way the world works. Thats how we learn.
Today was a ‘nothing’ day. I went to the laundromat while Geoff did some school work with the kids. My level of maths is low, so he is the man for the job. His brain is able to see in numbers where my fails me. He said its great to watch as the kids gain confidence and skills. They are also working on spelling.
imageWe drove to Pyramid Lake in the late afternoon for a look and to get out. The kids hired one of those lake paddle boats. The weather has been hot. Unusual this late in the season the locals say.   image

One thought on “Jasper

  1. I love your ‘nothing’ day blog Wendy!! Flying by the seat of your pants definitely has it’s challenges and can be hard work and painful at times but the freedom it allows and what you learn along the way is so very worth it I reckon! Enjoy! xxx

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