Its our last quiet day in lovely Jasper. The place where we have been enjoying the feeling of home in Glorias rented room downstairs. We have one share room where the four of us sleep, a bathroom and dinky kitchen and dining table.

We spent half of the day up on a mountain hike not far from town. It was about a 6km round trip with lovely views of Jasper and the Alabasca River.
Inspired by the telly show we have been watching called ‘Naked and Afraid’ the kids wanted to make a fire, build a shelter, make weapons and collect food.
So we played along and end up making a shelter from wood, collecting berries, made some hunting tools, had a go at making fire with sticks and all that survival jazz. The kids got excited when they could smell the wood getting hot. Last time we watched Naked and Afraid it took them three days of violently rubbing sticks to make fire, so I told the kids it was going to take some work. We kept our clothes on though for multiple obvious reasons!
We were on a trail not far from where a ‘angry female grizzly’ had been spotted. The trails south had been closed. So we kept an eye out. We did see some bear poo which helped us remain alert. We built our stick shelter on top of a ridge with a good view of the valley.
Geoff took the kids to the pool to play on the big slide and I read my book in the bath while sipping red wine. A quite night in before we set off again touring the Rocky Mountains tomorrow. Talk of homesickness has thankfully faded. We are all feeling recharged and relaxed.

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