What is it about snow towns that makes them feel so special? They are made for tourists. They are compact and full of interesting shops. They always have a happening vibe because they are busy. The shops are open till super late. They are carefully built with good planning and love. They just look homely and fun. Everyone is in a good mood because they are on holidays. Banff is one of those special snow towns.


Last night we heard an Elk calling out in the woods that our motel backs onto. It was like a barking horse hyena. We were standing at the door in the nik whispering to one another about how exciting it was. Ooooos and giggles.

We woke to a lovely winters day. Now this would bother some tourists, but not us. We love the story weather and because we are not in a hurry it doesnt matter to us if it rains, hails or snows. Bring it on.

Geoff had to tend to a few office duties. Weekly we are chatting to our team at Southside who are all doing such a FABULOUS job. They are the reason we get to go away as a family – Jeremy, Lisa, Paul, Trent, Justin and Casey. We also are trying to sort out our car transfer. We brought the car in USA, have to transfer it into our name, import it into Canada (yes we are here already) then sell it to Rhys and Alisha for their two year stint in Canada. None of which is easily done. Looks like we may have to drive back to the US boarder to collect the correct paperwork. We also have a prepaid sim that needed some more credit and I tell you now – it seems there is a worldwide disability in the communications industry to makes things run smoothly or easily. Anyone who makes a series of calls to their phone company needs a stiff drink to get through it. USA and Canada have been no different to Telstra!

We decided to go into town and walk around for the day. Geoff and I have been wearing the same shoes since we left home and sadly, they have had the bomb. Geoffs innersoles are gone and the soles are coming off my shoes. It was pouring rain and freezing cold. The shops are heated and a great place to hang out. Gracie also ended up with a new pair of cowgirl boots.

We hung out for the arvo at the library. The kids read while I caught up on emails and blogging. Its great to have good wifi! The temp outside says 5′ but it doesnt feel that cold. I wonder how I am going to cope with the heat when I get home early November! Plus our aircon at home is not working and will need major repairs before any cool air comes out of it.

imageNow you can imagine our excitment when we came out of the library that the clouds started to clear from the mountains right before our very eyes to reveal it had been SNOWING!! Yes now it was icy cold and our hands, ears and noses were freezing.

imageAll of the mountain tops were covered in snow. It was just so beautiful. So we got in the car and drove up the nearest mountain to see if we could reach it. Alas we found the steaming hot springs full of Japanese. We asked a park ranger and he directed us to another peak 15 mins away. So off we drove again and yes we did find some just close enough to reach in the car. There were two big grunting Elk bulls with full antlers that made us careful about wandering too far into the woods. image


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