What a day… I am so tired after our big day hiking however I must push on and write my blog while drinking vino from my placky cup.
This morning while having breaky we watched a Coyote out our door. Our motel is the last in town and backs the woods. So we have been lucky to see and hear wildlife. He was big like a snowy grey wolf. And as anyone knows in a foreign country travel is all about the seeing new wildlife.
Geoff is always busting to climb a mountain, so today was the day. He lured me and Gracie with the promise of snow at the top. FOMO we were not going to miss that opportunity. Geoff says we climbed the mountain in record time taking 2 hours to hike the crazy zig zag rocky path up 5.5km. About half way we started to find fresh snow from yesterdays fall. image
The temp was around 5 and ended up maybe 0 at the top. There were periods today when we were missing our fingers, ears, nose and toes.
There is a gondola up this mountain but we feel like that is cheating. There is something very fulfilling about climbing a mountain. One good thing about the gondola means there is a restaurant up top and we very much enjoyed the body defrost time, a hot chocolate and coffee to warm our insides.
One of the common animals we never get tired of watching are the busy squirrels. They are just so cute. They will just carry on about their business collecting and eating nuts nice and close.
The view at the top was just amazing. A wide open clear sky view of the Rocky Mountains in Banff National Park. We are loving this town. It was extra special as it snowed yesterday and the mountain range just looks like magic. Right at the tippy top is was freezing and we could only stay for about 15 mins before saying enough was enough.
The kids of course were so excited about the snow. They eagerly took the opportunity to do some snow clearing for the rangers on the snow filled walking decks.
The walk down seemed to take ages. By the time we got there we were frozen and tired. Our bodies were starting to seize up. At the bottom there is the Banff Hot Springs so in we went from 5′ to 39′. Now I dont know if that is super good for you, but seriously I was so exhausted I could have sunk to the bottom.  Bailey carried a snow man he called Andy all the way down the mountain. 1.5 hours loyally escorting his little friend to the trail head sign. He could not feel his hands so the hot spring was perfect.

2 thoughts on “Banff

  1. So cool that you guys got to see fresh snow!! And yes hitting the hot springs after being that cold is good for you!! That’s what gets me through our snowboarding stints in Japan. At least one or two onsens (hot spring baths) a day!! Warms you to the core and soothes all those aches and pains! xxx

  2. Oh and I forgot to say that Bailey carrying his snowman back down the mountain for an hour and half is amazing dedication!! Even with gloves on that would be hard work!! Numb fingers big time!! xxx

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