Living your normal life at home is easy. To the point where we operate everyday tasks on automatic pilot. Now you may have heard people say in holidays that its hard. I am not taking about your two week holiday to visit the rellies or Bussleton. I am taking about the people who choose extended adventure holidays with kids. Like travelling around Australia or backpacking. These are the kind of holidays that push us, take us from our comfort zones, we have to take risks and wing it. Things dont go to plan, there are unknowns and uncomfortable times where you fight, cry or anxiety clamps at our nervous system.

We have experienced all of these on our extended winging it family vacation. I asked everyone what they have learned so far, what they have come to appreciate from our journey; just keep going, push your boundaries, trust, flexibility, patience, be a team, homesickness is okay, determination, take a breath, talk and listen. An extended time away from home is not really a holiday. It is a chunk of your life that makes you who you are. It is a huge life experience.
The kids are loving their real life action packed unschooling adventure. The classroom of the world. They are also coming to realise personal challenge is a normal part of the process. While on our trip Bailey says he wants to be a Geologist and Gracie wants to be a National Geographic Photographer when they grow up.
I started my day with three plastic shopping bags of dirty clothes. Off to the Laundromat. $6 for a double load and another $2 to dry. Geoff and the kids went to to Geocache. They had to complete three of the five on the Park Rangers list to collect a special Banff National Park GeoCoin. Which they did and were rewarded with a very special medal coin to keep. Geocaching is bigger in Canada than Australia. It is heaps of fun. For those who dont know about it check out Did you know there is treasure to be found just around any corner from where you live right now? Yes even right in Geraldton. You would have walked over and around many already! Join in the hunt. It is very additive and fun. We love it. Download the free app on your smartphone and find your first GeoCache today.
imageWe are loving Banff. It is very similar and easy like Queenstown NZ. A place you could live for awhile and just slot right in. A place where we could enjoy a white snowy winter… one day…
We had a bit more of a look around parts of town we had not seen. A beautiful view at the Bow Falls lookout.
imageWe had a look around the famous swanky Fairmont Castle where all the rich people are staying. Starts from $600 per night. Twas flash and very castle like. We went out for a lovely dinner. I think we shall be back to this part of the world one day for another dose of the wonderful Rocky Mountain and towns.

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