Today was the day for Geoff and Bailey to tick off an activity on our ‘must do’ list. Mountain Biking. Canmore Nordic Centre offers biathlon, cross country ski, roller ski, hiking and mountain bike trails.

We hired mountain bikes at the Day Lodge, highlighed recommened green and blue runs, then off we went.

Mountain biking is summers alternative for skiing. There are heaps of people in training for winter wearing the roller skis. They are so fit. We also watched some biathlon students in training. This is cross country skiiing and shooting targets. All the worlds flags fly here as it was home to the Olympic Games in 1988. Plus it is home to the local Alberta Winter games and other important snow activities. Again the weather changed very quickly. Sunny for half our journey, then the temp dropped dramatically and a heavy storm rolled in. So we were riding in the cold and wet. The Autumn trees are changing colour and it is beautiful with the snow Rocky Mountain backdrop.


It was pretty strenuous. Especially when we had to get back up the hills or there were uphill parts to our trails. Many times Gracie and I had to get off and push! We stopped for a hot chocolate and lunch break around midday.


When the rain set in we got wet and cold. The rocky trails were slippery but did get more fun. By this time our bodies were feeling the pain of lots of unfamiliar muscle activity.


Towards the end of our day we found a section of jumps so we had a play on that. The rain was falling down and we were cold and wet. Everyone had a go at the jumps and getting some air. Hehe… Of course Geoff and Bailey were the best at it! This place is an outdoor adventure park and full of people having good time in the dirt. Its a huge area with the most trails I have seen anywhere so you only seen other bikers every now and again.



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