Our housesitters at home are doing a wonderful job of taking care of, and enjoying, our home. Thank you to Margaret and Neville. It is always essential for us to find a retired couple who love our poodles as much as we do and from all reports the dogs are having fun and feeling loved. When we have great housesitters it does make it easier for us to be away from the place we call home sweet home. We know you have to time just to enjoy the place and hang out. We know you are taking good care of our animals, gardens and home. And we know Margaret and Neville you are having fun thanks to your photos and regular updates. Thank you. It is such a lovely time of the year to housesit in Geraldton in our home enjoying fresh veggies from the garden, tending to the chickens, cups of tea gazing upon ocean views and warm fire burning while listening to the rain. Lately with all the storms hitting WA all are enjoying some wild and wooly weather.

Maybe a year or so ago when I was at home researching ‘things to do in Canada’ I came across a place called Dinosaur Provincial Park. Now you should know by now that anything that resembles a fossil, dinosaur, interesting rock hunt or scavenge – the Watters family are close by. When we were in Vancouver a month or so ago we asked at the Visitors Centre about hunting for Dinosaur bones. She said ‘oh you are talking about Drumheller’. We didnt know now did we! So we wrote it down and here we are.

We left Canmore this morning, the last town in the East Rockies. The change was dramatic. One moment we were surrounded by massive beautiful Rocky Mountains and the next we were in flat brown farming country.

imageWe headed into the City limits of Calgary. It took us two hours to find the right Government Department office to get the information we needed to transfer our car. This saga has been going on since we brought our car two months ago in San Francisco. Nothing is easy right! Canadian customs were struggling to keep up with our story that an Aussie family brought a car in USA and drove over the Canadian boarder with no one asking any import questions. After a bit of running around, we think we have it sorted. So Rhys and Alisha can buy our car without getting arrested. hehe… jokes!!

After that required hullaballa we keep moving towards our destination – dinosaur land. Plus we didnt feel up to staying in the big city of Calgary. And we are thinking about making the most of our final week in Canada.

Again the landscape changed right before our eyes from vast flat brown wheat fields to mysterious hills and valleys. We drove down into the the valley known as the badlands. Tell you what it felt creepy and super exciting all at the same time within a matter of minutes. Instead of the mountains rising upwards like the Rockies did, we drove down into a valley that looks like it was created by massive flash flooding. This may explain why its a famous fossil hotspot. It looks like the bottom was washed way, rather than the mountains rising up. Very cool geology.

The lady at the Visitors Centre told us the locals call the weird layered mountains coulies, not mountains. We have all the information we need now set for a two great days of touring to come.

imageWe found a motel first and booked in for three nights and beat him down to $100 a night. Its a nice big open plan room with the basic comforts we have come to love, telly, microwave, clean sheets and bath tub. Off to the shops for some supplies. Notice Geoff won over this time buying chocolate cheetos cereal. I won out buying a pumpkin pie for dessert.


One thought on “Drumheller

  1. Man you guys are going to love this place!!!! The Dinosaur Museum is the ‘bomb’!!!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! xxx

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