We all boinged out of bed knowing we were going to spend the day at the Royal Tyrrell Museum. This museum is dedicated to all things palaeontology. Anyone with a fascination for life and creation will just love all that is inside. And yes, the Watters family are at the top of this list.

The museum nicely moves in chronological order through the periods of time. Beautifully showcasing 3.9 billion years of evolution on planet earth.


We have done this kind of natural history journey many times in various museums around the world. However each time we learn more as it is such a complex and overwhelming subject. Just to really grasp the time frames, changing periods and the coming and going of species can send any primitive brain into a spin.


This museum is very well done. It is full of impressive skeletons and fascinating fossil exhibits. All of the interpretive panels, reenactments, interactive displays and videos were easy to understand and informative. We are lucky in Australia that we have a place similar for fossil dino buffs at the Dinosaur Trail through Winton (The Age of Dinosaurs), Richmond and Hughenden (I would also include Boulia) http://www.australiasdinosaurtrail.com in outback Queensland. Not many Aussies have heard of this amazing place. It is worth the plane ticket.


In the museum today we spotted some of the plant fossils we seen yesterday on our surface fossil hunt, learning they were conifers, ferns and other tropical forest plants that lived in a wet humid period on Earth.


All up we immersed ourselves in our love of amazing stories learnt through rock and bones. And we all came away a little wiser for the evolution process and the lengthy stages Earth has endured. Species have come and gone, periods of ice, water, heat and catastrophe. It also shows us that Earth is ever changing and continually doing its down thing despite what species dominate at the time. It is incredible how many species have come and gone even before humans evolved. We are just one speck in the matrix. So enjoy the ride while we last.




4 thoughts on “Drumheller

  1. Wow finally caught up on all the postings, don’t know how your all going to remember everything you’ve seen and done, you could nearly have a information night at home when you get back.

    • Yes it was built in the 1960s something like that. It seats 6 and serviced the community of 10,000 (yes six at a time). It was so sweet. We sat in there while Gracie read from the Bible. xW

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