Looking back on our holiday pictures from the start it seems like we have been away for a year. I have taken about 5000 photos on my Iphone. When I get home I will spend weeks sorting them down to about the favourite 1000 that tell the story of our journey to have printed in an album. I will also put the photos on our digital photo frame and we can watch them rotate for the next year. Reminded of all our adventures. And yes it has been full and epic. What an amazing family adventure. But wait there is still more to come…

I took everything out of the car and had a big clean out. We have got to compact our car life back down into four backpacks. I can tell you most of the new weight we have acquired are rocks. Seems we collect the heaviest of souvenirs!

imageWe ticket off a couple of simple fun things, like going shopping in Walmart and to Wendys for a junk food fix. Now we have completed our all American road trip! hehe…

We left Drumheller and travelled through wheat country towards the town of Brooks. All the farmers are flat out with groups of headers ripping around taking off the crops. I love watching farmers do their thing. Beautiful memories, smells and landscape. I could see my Dad going around in circles harvesting. Love the farmers we have seen here with their dirty tucked in jeans and braces and cap hat.

imageThroughout the landscape the farmers paddocks are dotted with oil pumps and gas station pipework. Any land that is rich in fossils of course creates fossil fuels. There are 120,000 pumping and sucking stations in Alberta. Is this what is to come in Australia with fracking. It is scary to think they can drive into your paddock and insert a pump to frack, pump and suck and there is nothing you can do about it. We have read little signs along the way they are extracting oil and natural gas and we see some local concern with methane gas and the removal methods like fracking.

We arrived in Brooks for two nights. We are here to visit the Dinosaur Provincial Park. This town is the nearest access point. After being here a few hours we now refer to it as stinky town. It goes from stinking of urine to poo to smouldering cow. We enquire why to learn there is a big cow land and processing plant. One of the major industries besides oil and gas supporting this town. Poo stink, plus the flies to match.

imageKids enjoyed a swim in the motel heated pool while Geoff supervised. I done a couple of loads of washing.


2 thoughts on “Brooks

  1. Oh I so love that you are wearing ‘my dress’ … the one I own too! Somehow makes me feel all the more like I’m ‘on holiday, travelling’ with you!! xxx

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