Golden BC

The internet means we are always connected with the world. Despite things like instagram and facebook being poohooed by the naysayers we love that we can use these from across the world. Even a day behind and feel like we are connected to home. The things we love, our town, local news and the people we miss. Wifi access has been great overall. I have not brought a phone plan while here. Just relied on free wifi and everywhere offers it from the cheap motels, ski lodges, corner cafe, shopping centres, tourist attractions, airports and libraries. More often the signal is fast and usable, only some places it is slow and you cant access it. Geoff brought a basic data sim for his iPhone so we could search the internet for motels and make phone calls while driving. This actually saved us sometimes. This morning once we had all piled in the car, Geoff plugged ‘destination Vancouver’ into the GPS and it came up with 1154kms West bound. We will take three days to cover this distance. Our GPS and car have been our saving Grace. They have meant we can go anywhere, do anything and fit in as much as possible with no restrictions. Thank you to the cave men who invented the wheel. We have loved the Badlands. One of our favourite places in Canada. Sure the Rockies are stunning in every way shape and form. However the Badlands offer something you cant get anywhere else. A rich hands on emotionally charged adventure in a place that looks like it comes from another planet. Stuff that gets into your system and you want more. There is not doubt this holiday has been life changing for the four of us. It has been equally our most challenging and most rewarding. Which confirms the ‘bumper stickers’ and other cliches about living on the edge, ticking all the boxes and doing things that we fear. Everyone has grown. imageToday we travelled from dry farming country to back into the Rocky Mountains. Oh it was a real treat to pass through this outstanding ranges again. Snow capped mountains, beautiful rivers and lakes, pine forests and the autumn trees in bright shades of yellow. imageThe kids kept themselves entertained in the backseat with their diaries, school work and reading books. The weather changed from sunny to cold and stormy as we drove deeper into the Rockies. We pulled over and watched a coyote prancing in a paddock to catch a mouse. We crossed the border back into BC without noticing. We were hoping to stop in the little town of Field for the night and do a hike into the Yoho National Park to see the Burgess Shall, however it has closed down for the year. That was a shame as it would have been an amazing experience. We learnt about the Burgess Shall at the Museum in Drumheller. Its all the little 500 million year old critters fossilised in black shale as fossils, at the time when the only life on earth lived in the sea.

We also went through a high mountain pass through the range and Gracie asked if they split the mountain open. We settled for the night in the mountain town of Golden in a really nice spacious motel with cable, microwave noodles and a bath. Woohoo!image


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