Our stay at Econo Lodge last night was nice and roomy, although it smelt like stale cigarette. Our room included a continental breaky. Super nutritious, not! The kids thought it was fun to try fruit loops!image

The view looks like a mystical fiord land where the clouds are stuck to the top of the pine trees. The road is misty and to the point where you cant tell if its light rain or low clouds. The top of the mountain ranges are now whiter with more snow. You can tell winter is just around the corner. The season called Fall is here and it only lasts for a month before Winter comes. Leaves are falling at a rapid rate, summer businesses and tours are closing down and people are draining out of the towns. Locals are wearing their gloves, beanies and heavy jackets.

During the first half of the day we drove though some spectacular scenery in Glacier National Park. We started with a walk through the interpretive centre. The kids completed another of the Park Explorer books and collected the Park Dog Tag.image

Rogers Pass is an amazing story of how the Canadian Government put a train line through a steep and treacherous section of mountain. We drove through heaps of awesome tunnels that allow the frequent snow avalanches to pass over the road without incident. Fantastic jaw dropping scenery. This section of road matches the Ice Field Parkway. Cedar and Cottonwood forests, autumn trees, low clouds, snow capped mountains, a highway that clings onto the mountain edge, moist moss and waterfalls.

We got to Revelstoke National Park by lunch time and gained an hour leaving Mountain Time. The weather is cold and stormy and we heard its snowing up Mount Revelstoke, and its a scenic must do up the summit via the 26km Meadows in the Sky Parkway. Now we were crazy excited like a bunch of squirrels at a nut convention as we neared the top as snow was falling on the car. The real fresh fluffy white stuff we had been wishing for. We put the windows down and in it came. Geoff managed to keep focussed on driving despite the fact the rest of us were squealing like piglets. We had to quickly find some more clothes and the kids put sox on their hands to keep warm.image

Oh there is something so so magical about snow. We played in it for a couple of hours which was basically until we could not longer feel our toes and fingers.image

We made a snow man and the kids rolled big snowballs. We discovered what you see on the cartoons are true. If you make a snowball and roll it along, it quickly becomes a massive snow ball to the point you can no longer move it.image

One thing I wanted to see was fresh snow sitting on the pine tree branches. Sound crazy? I dunno, you just see that magic in the movies when fresh snow is falling… It was so beautiful. When we did stop making the noises of excited Aussies in snow we could actually hear the snow falling onto us and the trees. The snow flakes fell down onto our faces. The snow was fresh light and fluffy. We seen some kind of small black animal the size of a rat run across the snow leaving his cute snow prints.


We ended our day full to the brim with wonderful memories and feet that needed defrosting. We are still enroute to our destination of Vancouver. What a fantastic road trip so far. What a magic way to end our Canadian adventure.


2 thoughts on “Vernon

  1. Wow what a magical way to be ending up your trip! I can feel your excitement!!! So happy for you guys! I was just thinking how much I’m going to miss your blog and hearing about your travels on a daily basis once you get back home! xxx

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