Winter well and truly arrived in BC today. Today was pretty much a full driving day to get to Vancouver. This is where we say goodbye to our much loved car and sort ourselves to fly out.

The highlight of the day was that it was snowing. At the top of the last mountain range above the city it was fully raining and snowing. Big fresh white flakes falling from the sky. Oh it was magical. We were on the highway and couldnt stop, so just enjoyed watching it fall outside. It was a fairly decent storm front with winds, low clouds, grey skies, rain and of course our much loved snow!

imageWhen we arrived in Vancouver it showcased that classic wet winter weather the place seems to be known for. Last night in our motel we heard the storm outside also, with hail stones, wind and rain. A big contrast for our next stop – Hawaii.

imageWe got to the Super8 Motel and moved in for the last time. Taking everything into our room 601 for sorting. Another quick clean of the car and we say our farewells.

imageWe had our celebration dinner talking about all of our wonderful memories of USA and Canada. We also talked about the hard times of when we first arrived and being homesick. All in all its been a hugely awesome adventure and everything in between.

imageSo we do still have three weeks left until home. Gracie is certainly seeing this next leg as one step closer to home. Two weeks in Hawaii then one in Sydney, then home. Geoff is dreaming of white beaches and a resort. Bailey is dreaming of lava. I dont mind and just open to whatever comes…


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