North Shore Turtle Bay

‘Its the little things’ Geoff says today after washing the breakfast dishes. It is our first time in a ‘house’ with normal kind of living stuff. Like a washing machine, toaster, dining table, lounge, bedrooms and full kitchen etc… After living in a one bedroom motel for months it seems crazy to have all this ‘stuff’ again. I usually have a bit of a ‘stuff’ overload when I return home from any long simplistic holiday.

Gracie and I picked some flowers and put into two vases. The kids sat out the front enjoying the wide open view while doing some school work. We have decided to stay here for a week since its so nice and there is lots to see and do… relaxing kind of stuff.

imageWe went for a walk across the golf course and over to the ocean. We wondered if we would be breaking golf course etiquette and get growled at by some fancy golf pro. But we nevertheless made it across okay. Oh and we found the most beautiful sight ever… a magic picture perfect postcard Hawaiian beach with palm trees, hammocks, blue water and white sand. We are in the flash resort of Turtle Bay. It is a romantic honeymooners dream. The kind of place you would come and laze around on a padded deck chair sipping a cocktail with a little pink umbrella poked into sweet pineapple.image

We walked around the resort. Very cool. Built around a natural ocean bay perfect for snorkelling and swimming. There are people doing all the watch activities like learning to long board surf and snorkel.image

We drove into town a little to get decked out with hire gear. On the way we stopped at a roadside fruit stall. Wow some yummy exotic stuff, like dragon fruit, rambutan, sugar cane, pineapples, papaya, coconuts and everything else either whole or cut up. We brought a bag of fruit to take to the beach.

Next stop hire shop. The kids got snorkel stuff and surf boards. Then off to the beach we went. Lucky our condo had beach essentials like esky, beach chairs, picnic blanket and two beach towels.

Geoff took the kids out learning to surf for a couple of hours. Its not called Turtle Bay for nothing since they were surfing with large sea turtles who didnt care being close. In fact, they just swam around the kids popping up. Obviously very used of people.image

Gracie is a classic Cancer Crab and loves the ocean. She told me she feels the most free when she is in the ocean swimming. It was a really beautiful thing to observe her swimming carefree and happy. Both of the kids paddled out with little fear and had lots of fun. At times they were out on their own happy to paddle, bob around waiting and watching the waves. Both caught the odd wave and surfed it in, happy as larry.

On the way home it started to rain. That awesome tropical rain that you dont mine being caught in. It washed the surf boards strapped to the roof. We stopped at the fruit stall again and tried two more local desert dishes. One sweet thing wrapped in a palm leaf and bananas wrapped in filo then fried. Num num…

Mmmm… finish the day with creature comforts like a home cooked meal, vino and sloth on the lounge watching local Hawaiian telly.


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