North Shore Turtle Bay

Geoff collected our hire car after the ‘$3.95 (plus a swag of taxes) special of the day’ breakfast. That consisted of scrambled eggs, two pancakes and two rashes of bacon. A good feed in the belly to start our day. We went for a bit of a morning walk along Waikiki before the final pack up of our room. We brought the kids long sleeve rashies since we are going to spend two weeks in the sun and yesterday already they are red.

imageWe booked the hire car for a week and loaded all our gear in. No GPS but Geoff figured its an island right so you just go around in a circle. Keep the ocean on the right.

First stop Diamond Head Crater. Its a really cool volcanic creator in a near perfect circle. To get inside you drive through the outer rim tunnel, park and walk to the trail head. The trail takes about 1 and half hours round trip up to the top of the rim via swishbacks, a tunnel, steps and the volcanic trail. Its hot and dry. We are surprised that its so brown and dry. It makes you think about the expectations you conger up in your mind about how a place is. What telly creates before visiting a place yourself.

imageOur hire car is nice enough. Its Hawaii cheap roadside hire car company style. Geoff negotiated the deal yesterday. It fits all our bags, has four doors and wheels and means we are mobile to tour and see the island. So of we go now seeing the kind of visions we expected of Hawaii – palm trees, single story beach housing, lush green high mountains and lots of white sandy beaches. We shared a typical Hawaiian dish for lunch which was interesting to the palate. Geoff discovered that his hands no longer resemble a mechanic.

imageAs the day grew on it was time to get more serious about somewhere to stay. There was nothing along the East Coast. It was quite windy and not a protected beach. So we kept coming and ended up on the North Shore. Yes the known surfing breaks and the beaches became more protected and like the places you want to hang out. It was about 5.30pm by this stage. We seen a sign out on a large beachside property saying ‘Vacancy’ so pulled in to check it out, fingers crossed. In we went to discover the guy manages a few properties and within out budget was a ‘condo’ in Turtle Bay Resort. Its a private estate where we used a code to get in and its on the Hilton Golf Course. Talk about flash! We go inside to find a two story three bedroom two bath apartment. Sweet! The kids run about like crazy people, obviously its the best thing we have stayed in for the past three months!

We went to the supermarket and brought enough supplies for the week and the kids wanted to have a sunset swim. We picked up a local kid hitchhiking and fired off a million questions about what to see and do, and what he likes to do, which is camping on the beach and hiking. We ended our day making plans around the dinner table on all the things we want to do while staying here. Bailey unexpectedly lost a tooth so he set it up for the tooth fairy. Didnt take him long to forget, grabbed the glass and drank the water. Luckily not enough to drink the tooth. Opps, refill, now wait for the Hawaiian Fairy. image


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