Somewhere in the Pacific

Last day in Canada. We are all feeling very excited tinged with a little sadness, that we farewell a place we have had so much fun.

Airport days are usually lazy wasted days… waiting… Today was such that we takes things slowly to drag out the hours that must tick by until our 3pm free hotel shuttle to YVR International. The motel we are staying at is near the airport and not much else within walking distance. The kids entertained themselves for a couple of hours including crushing our foam esky that had sprung a hole anyway. That fun lasted until they had developed motel room cabin fever to the point they were fighting more than playing.

I sorted out more photos on my phone. That shall knock off hours from my home photo sorting duties. Wow we have some great photos with memories bursting out of each.

We could not entertain ourselves any longer and decided to venture outside. Thats when we found a bowling ally in the bottom of our hotel. How convenient! Plus the kids have been asking us to take them to one. It was therefore perfect for out last activity.

imageIt was loads of fun and ate up a couple of hours. Its the first time Bailey and Gracie have been, and many years for Geoff and I. The bowling shoes were super cool. Vinyl and funky retro colours. Could just wear those things out anytime.

imageWe went back to the hotel and hung out in the lobby reading books and keeping ourselves technologically entertained on our Ithis and Ithats. Then it was off to the airport to commence the lengthy checkin process. Each time you go to the airport there is more to be done… computer checkin, print bag tags, print boarding passes, scan, drop off, scan, shoes off, x-rayed, customs check, finger printed, photo taken and scanned again just for good luck! Jeepers, no chance of being a terrorist these days! Then some more time wasting wandering the airport, eating and spending our last Canadian notes.

imageWe boarded the plane a bit before 6pm. Much to everyones disgust we were soon to realise we were on a pov pak plane which served no food and no movie screens in the seats. Oh my gosh, Gracie wanted to get off and Bailey couldnt believe such a plane exists! Luckily they came around and offered tablets with preloaded movies for $10. So we got two of those and shared earmuffs. And so came around food. We had noodles and other snacks.

imageWe landed a bit after midnight and Gracie nervously waited at the bag carousel for her backpack to appear, still scared from her bag not arriving in LA. We caught a cab making it to our Waikiki hotel sometime after midnight.



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