Waikiki Ohau Hawaii

Thanks goodness we all had a good sleep despite the am arrival and time change. We all woke super early 5.30am for me and Geoff and 6.45am for the kids. It took us the day to realise that even though we flew closer to Australia we increased the time zone. So now we are 18 hours behind. Seems crazy. Plus I have run out of fingers to count the difference.

Our hotel is very average. We used a travel agent in Vancouver and sadly got ripped. We booked the budget airline and three nights at Waikiki Beach to get settled before we set off  to do our own thing. We realised a week ago that our itinerary only said 2 nights. We rang and emailed evidence to support our original three day booking however the Flight Centre Burnaby would not correct our booking. Poo heads. And to rub salt into the wound we get here and the hotel is the worst of our 3 months travelling. Run down and grubby with poor facilities. Lesson learned, move along.

imageWe got dressed and left our hotel to get some breaky and get to the beach. We are two blocks back from Waikiki. It was so lovely to get our toes out and into the sand. The kids swam and played for hours. Actually, too long. Our skin has been bugged up out of the sun for weeks. The kids ended up red and bug eyed from the sun and salt.

imageThe kids were so excited to be in Hawaii. Gracie wanted to get a flower lei right away so lucky they were all over the place to buy.

imageLast night our 20 min taxi ride from the airport to Waikiki was through lots of road construction, dirty highways, concrete towers with washing hanging off the balconies and three palm trees. It was not that image that you see in Hawaiian movies. So thank goodness today despite being in the Honolulu concrete jungle we did find coconut palms, sun, sand and the beautiful warm sea to match the visions.

It is so nice that the weather is warm and bordering on balmy. Its got that waft of Bali about it however not the obvious poverty. The ocean was packed with sun loving tourists and heaps of Japanese. People floating around and riding the waves. People under umbrellas and oiled up on towels. We found a cool little market and fed our bali style shopping fetish with a dress for Gracie, some tropical flower hair clips and two necklaces.

imageWe ventured out in the early evening for dinner to discover the place comes alive again in night mode. Many fire lanterns a burning all the way along Waikiki main streets and the beach. We watched a little of a cultural Hawaiian dance and band. Bailey had a play of a ukulele in a shop. They are really neat instruments and sounded beautiful.


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