North Shore Turtle Bay

Now we are on vacation. Its really a chance to wind down and relax from the rest of our busy adventure holiday. Everyone laughs when I used an American word like vacation. Have we been here too long? Pop the trunk, get your parker on, I need the restroom, I’ll have it ‘to go’, taking out the trash, who wants pie?… We love putting on our silly American accents too. We are loving our condo. I had to google that to see why Americans call an apartment a condominium. (=it is an apartment). The other thing we have had to watch our for is the time share scammers. We nearly got caught again in Waikiki on the first day! This time they were selling tours of the island and hire cars. When you hear something like ‘its usually $315 but we can get it for you right now for just $115’ and they bring out a flip file presentation… run!!

Gracie is loving the kitchen and cooked us all egg on toast for breaky. I have become a wizz at making American ‘drip coffee’. Its the only way really you get coffee here so you have to deal with it. I am a tea drinker so it doesnt worry me much, so long as I have my ‘cup of love’ in the morning. I have learned to take my own teabags as you dont often find them in motel rooms.

We booked a flight to Big Island via Hawaiian Airlines for 10th October. We will go down there for four days. Fingers crossed we can check out red hot lava! We are still trekking its flow and it so far is not flowing too well. Nature pffff!…

We spent the day on the beach. Our white winter bodies are adjusting to the sun. The kids surfed for the morning and did a mighty fine job catching waves and paddling. They experienced the feeling ‘only a surfer knows’ and maybe have the bug. image

This place is known for swimming with turtles, and lucky for us, they are everywhere. We snorkelled with one big sea turtle who was more than happy for us to just hover above him while he continued on biting seaweed from the coral. Sometimes we could see two or three at a time from the shore just bobbing about and catching a breath. They are so beautiful. We want to swim with them some more when the swell drops.image

The kids went for a snorkel, then Geoff and I went. We had to keep shallow as the swell made the water a bit murky. We seen some interesting trumpetfish we have not seen before. The reef was not as spectacular as the Ningaloo. Again, we are already spoilt. imageDriving home from a day at the beach we are reminded of how lucky we are in Geraldton – awesome fishing, beaches and snorkelling right at our door.image


The kids have been doing great catching up on school work and journal keeping. They both really enjoy taking some quite time to write and read. Geoff has been taking care of math lessons. Both kids have been working their way through the questions and tasks set by their teachers Lisa and Tara from school. It is really lovely to see them learning, growing and expanding their knowledge with a healthy balance from books and real life.


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