North Shore Turtle Bay

The day started out overcast so we took the chance to hang out in our golf side apartment and enjoy the serenity. We watch the odd golf buggy ride past. Bailey likes watching them hit the balls and see if they get it in the holes.

Both kids took the time for more school work and their ferocious love of reading. I estimate they have read 20 books each.image

Geoff and I are researching and making plans for Big Island. The pressure is on now as the dates are ticking on by and home is not far away. We still have a few things we want to see and do. Really, it is all icing on the cake now.

We headed to the beach for the afternoon, still overcast with little passing tropical showers every now and again. We snorkelled for ages with a big Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle. It was really special he was so close we could touch him and he didnt care one bit. Continuing to munch on rock seaweed and float about with the current.

imageWe lazed on the beach reading our books and watching the kids play. Gracie seen a new weird little animal and called us over to check it out. We waited and out he came again darting in and out of the bushes checking for food scraps. We asked one of the resort workers and she said it was a Mongoose. It looked like a brown ferret, long and slender with red eyes.image

It got a bit cold as the stormy sky closed in with another shower so we packed up and headed home. We enjoyed a lazy late afternoon into the evening reading books and watching movies. Mmmm, vacation.


2 thoughts on “North Shore Turtle Bay

  1. Wow I love the underwater shots! Looks like you guys are well and truly in ‘vacation’ mode! Enjoy! xxx

    • I only take pics on my iphone so robbed those underwater shots from the internet. We had to make a careful decision to only select photos that were near on exactly what we seen. That is why there are only legs for the shrimp, as Bailey only seen his legs poking out from the rock. xx

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