North Shore Turtle Bay

We started our day with a walk to the beach and to visit the Banyan Tree. We didnt know what this was, however it was on the trail map as a must see. It was a lovely walk through coastal jungle and tamarisk trees close to the beach. We walk past lots of tropical plants growing wild that we folk buy from Bunnings! We also past lots of very old concrete pillars now overgrown to learn later on they have something to do with the WWII bunker on the cliff edge. Similar to stuff we have seen on other Oahu view points. Geoff reads a bit more history on Pearl Harbour. Radar officers also stationed at Turtle Cove reported the planes arriving and they were fobbed off as being returning US planes. Had some of the warning signs been taken seriously it may have prevented some of the carnage in one of the worst wartime disasters.image

The Banyan Tree and others around it were fun and interesting. Awesome climbing trees. The kids could climb up easily and swing off the vines. They say parts of Lost and Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed at this location. You can see why. Its a rare intriguing sight.

We had a swim before returning back to our condo and got ready to head off to the Polynesian Cultural Centre for the day. I booked a family package that included the Village, Hawaiian dinner and show then Theatre show.

The Village was like cultural adventure world. It takes you through all of the Islander peoples who inhabit Polynesia. It was really interesting and very well done. Each island had their own area, activity, customs and costumes to share.image

Gracie and I wove a palm fish in Tonga while Geoff and Bailey threw spears, we rode a canoe through the village lagoon, we learned dancing and games in NZ, played ancient games in Hawaii, watched the Rainbow Pageant in the lagoon, ate coconut damper, had a fish, did some dancing and drum playing in Tahiti, Geoff made fire with sticks in Samoa while we all loved learning how to open a coconut and climb a tree.image

Each village had traditional grass homes, fires, canoes, decorations and stuff like that to see how they traditionally lived. We also watched a really cool 4D Imax movie taking us through the natural magic of the Hawaiian Islands including the ocean, cliffs, lush mountains, waterfalls and Volcano park etc. 4D is really cool. The seats move, water squirts in your face and mountain smells waft up into your nose.image

We went to the huge dining and show hall for a traditional Hawaiian dinner. Out of hundreds of people we were sat with a family of four from Sydney who have also been on a big travelling adventure, so it was fun sharing stories of what we have seen and done, having just been to many of the same places. The food was simple like fish, chicken, beer and pork. The piggy was cooked in a traditional ground fire. We ate while we watched Hawaiian dancing and entertainment.image

The evening theatre show was amazing. It was called Ha Breath of Life. One of the most spectacular shows we have seen. It was a journey through a boys life from his birth to the birth of his own son. It was a moving story taking you through how each culture deals with things like birth, growing up, initiation, marriage, battles and the natural circle of life. It reminded us of the disney movie The Lion King. The dancing and costumes were just amazing. The fire show was out of this word. Far out, they are all so so talented.


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