North Shore Turtle Bay

Aloha, chilling out today… Not much going on… but that is right hey? We are on vacation.

The kids practiced their new found survival skills to open a coconut and drink the water. At first let me tell you there were some harsh words exchanged through frustration. For anyone who has battled to tear off a husk to find the coconut. My advice to a cranky Gracie was this ‘the only way you are going to get that open is through cooperation with your brother’. And left it at that. Some time later they worked it out together through negotiating who was doing what and how to get it done with a butter knife. It happened, and with much joy they got the husk off, split it as taught with a stone, drank the water and ate some fresh. So if my kids are shipwrecked and get past the fighting, they will live.image

We packed up our gear and headed for the beach. The swell is still messing with the beaches and water clarity. Mid October marks the arrival of the surfing season so we are pushing good conditions for snorkelling.image

Everyone had a swim, sun loving laziness and snorkel. We checked out a few different beaches and breaks. We visited Halewa again and this time found the cool Main Street. It is very touristy, but old school islander bali touristy, which is fun and nice. The kids checked out how to put a hole in a conch to turn it into an islander horn. We will do that when we get home now to our big one. A earthy resonate sound of the sea calling. What is it with shaved ice? Its big here and we seen one line with 20 people out and into the carpark! So of course, we had to try it too! Really, its snow with flavour on top…image

Me and the kids talked to Mum and Trevor on Viber, how cool is that! Across the sea we can talk just like we always do. It is not long now until home so we know we all have much to catch up on over long cups of tea. Not much else going on… Well it was like this, home, showers, bourbon and coke, chips, journals, movies, dinner, movies then bed.  Mahalo…


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