North Shore Turtle Bay

While the kids caught up on some journalling Geoff and I completed our bookings on Big Island for a hotel and hire car. Yay, thats our last plans made and they will see us out until we return to familiar Australian soil.

Its our last full day in Turtle Bay, so I really wanted to snorkel with a turtle again. We packed our beach kit and off we went to the closest beach at the resort. There are lots of Aussies around. All the ones we have spoken to come from the busy East Coast. We notice how obvious Australians sound when we are away from home. Its like we are fresh out of Kath and Kym or The Castle. We are so used to hearing Americans now Aussies stand out.


The weather for the week has been similar each day. We wake to a cloudy or overcast sky, morning showers, then it all clears to a sunny warm day. At the end of the day to clouds return and it cools off with some rain during the night. Its the only place I have known it to be sunny and raining at the same time.

The snorkelling at Turtle Bay is nice enough. The coral has not been really flash in any the locations we have snorkelled, however the tropical fish are there. Some really neat ones we have not seen before, so that is always special. I was just saying to Geoff at the beach ‘we have the sun and the visibility now we just need a turtle’. And right there in the water in front was a Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle. We swam along with him for ages watching him eat off the reef.

imageGeoff and Bailey went for a walk along the beach and found a Monk Seal sunbaking. They hung out with him for ages then came back and got me for a look. We sat there enjoying his company and having a chat. We read some info on these seals to learn there are only 1100 left in the world. They are solitary seals and have their pups on the beach. They are on the critically endangered list and numbers are dropping 😦 He is malting too so we got to have a close look at some seal fur. He was pushing sand along with his nose and then sneezing.


Tonight we pack up our camp a little and ready to hit the road in the morning. It was been a really special and most of all – relaxing time – here on the lovely North Shore of Oahu.


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