Hilo Big Island Hawaii

Today was fly out day… so we packed up our condo and headed off. On the way we made one last stop at the lovely beach in the middle of North Shore to see the turtles once again. The weather has cleared up and the water is crystal clear. And the turtles turned it on big time. We could see anywhere from 2-6 right in front of us in about a foot of water eating bright green seaweed. We watched for ages as they ate off the rocks and drifted about with the waves in and out.image

It doesnt take long to drive from North Shore to Honolulu, is Island is so small. We stopped off at the pineapple plantation where we all went through a big maze. It was hot and dry. We are actually surprised how dry and harsh the island is when you drive around. There are only pockets of lushness. Coming into Honolulu it is even dryer and brown.image

We dropped off the hire car and walked to Waikiki for one last swim and some lunch on the beach. Then it was off to the airport to checkin and wait for our plane to Big Island. The flight is the same time as going from Geraldton to Perth. So you are no sooner up and its time to come down again.

imageIt was really cool to see Diamond Crater from the air. It is an impressive sight, the remnants from more violent volcanic times. We are glad now Geoff made us climb to the summit in the blazing sun last week. image

We arrived around dinner time and checked in. Our motel room at Uncle Billys is right on the water it is amazing. You could jump from our balcony into the sea. We are on the island that is home to the biggest active volcano in the world. This is what we came for. Excitement!


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