Captain Cook Napoopoo Kona

I can see my children growing up right before my eyes. Sometimes, I just stop and watch, and really look. I see their faces changing one week to the next. I see them maturing. I see them working things out. I feel their struggles and I observe their wins. Bailey calls it ‘his journey’, already recognising that we all make our own path. I talk about this more with the kids noting that no one can take it for you. It is yours to discover and unfold as it should. I have just told the kids when they are off ‘discovering life’ will they pack me in their backpack. This journey we have taken as a family has been life changing, while at the time being a opportunity for each of us as individuals. We have had it all from fears to joys. I dont know that we will ever do a holiday like this again. So we are already reflecting together what a BIG trip it has been.

We spent a couple of homely hours this morning soaking in the magic of our B and B property. It is located on a working macadamia and coffee farm owned by Americans from Fairbanks. They are a cool bunch. It is very much like cruisey Bali living. To get the green and lush you have to be okay with the dampness.

Bailey has enjoyed making friends with Sean who lives here and also is ten. Sean brought us a red fresh coffee bean to look at and taste while we were eating breaky. We borrowed some snorkelling gear and headed to Two Step as recommended by Miles as ‘the best snorkelling place ever’. Two Step is named because of the natural two steps you take on the lava rocks to get into the water.image

We can tell you the place was beyond words. Soon as I got in and popped up and yelled to the rest ‘its like an aquarium’. Now we can concur it has got to be the best snorkelling we have done. The clarity was like a freshly cleaned window. The coral was pristine and colourful. The fish were out of a tropical fish identification book.image

We were so blessed in so many ways. That we had all the gear to snorkel together and the weather was perfect. We snorkelled around for most of the day getting in and out for a rest when needed. We had heard this was the place to keep an eye out for dolphins, so when they came into the bay it was major excitement. We swam over and spent about an hour with them swimming around us. It was magic. We spent some more time with them in the later in the afternoon. The little baby was really energetic and was jumping out of the water and twirling around.

imageWe were also treated to more swimming with Hawaiian turtles. This time in super clear water so it was really special and such a beautiful experience.

We all came home so exhausted from all the hours in the water, to our lovely home B and B on the mountain overlooking the bay we spent the day. We all talked about being gobsmacked about what we had just seen and done for the day.


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