Little Bay Sydney

We woke early. I am not sure what time zone my body is in now. We lost 18 hours – one full day yesterday. Its our first day back in Australia for a long time. My phone rings for the first time in 100 days. We start hearing from friends and family welcoming us home. It is so special. Gracie gets a phone call from Keeley and they talk like long lost friends for ages.

After breaky we catch the bus into the City. The kids want to see the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. I reckon that is about all we have the stamina for today. The weather in Sydney is dry, hot and windy. Doesnt take me long to get a dry cough and dust blowing around gets in our eyes. Gracie starts sneezing.

We get off the bus at Central Quay and walk over to the Opera House for a close inspection of the steps and sails. Its always a pretty amazing sight. And we take in the awesomeness of Australians most famous bridge. The kids are impressed. image

We walked across the bridge to the other side and had some lunch at a cafe. We notice the dryness of Australian service and the price of food is mental. By this time we were all stuffed so caught the ferry across to the other side and bused home. Just in time for Mia and Ned to come home from school ready to play.

imageWe all had a great night in drinking wine, eating yummy curry and talking our heads off about life and of course our big adventure. Just fab…image


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