Little Bay Sydney

We have all thoroughly enjoyed our five day fun in Sydney. It was so great to be with our Sydney family and Steven K came over as well. Its becoming a great habit us all getting together for more fun times.

We didnt stray far from the house or do much ‘sightseeing’ apart from our one bus ride to the the two major city icons.

Bailey, Gracie, Mia and Ned played non stop the whole time. Day and night fun, laughs and some bingles. While us adults drank champers, beer and chatted the days away. The boys took the kids to the beach and park a couple of times and Tanya and I made one trip to the shops and caffe latte gossips.

The big highlight and reason why we all came together this time was for Grants 50th, oh and what a fab night it was. Grant had a venue with a awesome ocean view in Maroubra Beach. A whole collection of lovely people, food, drinks, a birthday playlist and long conversations nearly to sun up.

It has been so nice to hear familiar voices and begin the big process of catching up with everyone. Especially lovely to hear the kids on the phone with their school friends bursting at the seams with excitement and love for their pals. Reminds us how cool our home town and friends are.


So today is fly out day. The final homeward bound flights to Perth then Geraldton. New release movie mania makes the time tick away. Right now we are at the Perth Terminal for our few hour layover. In a couple of hours we will all be home sweet home with Mum, Trevor and our poodles! Yippeeee……


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