home sweet home…

We are home. Its been three days. We all are going through a major adjustment period. My brain is foggy and just keeping up.

photo 1Bailey and Gracie we excited beyond words to see and hug all their friends again. We all received such a beautiful welcome and it makes us feel really loved and missed. Oh and it just reinforces over and over what we already know, how great our home town and friends are.

We walked in to a lovely clean and cared for home and have to thank Margaret, Neville, Mum and Trevor for all they have done. Plus the whole Southside team led by Jeremy. All of these beautiful people make it possible we can take off and see the world. Hugs xx

The past few days have been literally filled with catching up, hugs, glasses of wine, dinners stories of ‘the best bits’. Bailey has been playing is guitar, Gracie has been brushing her dolls hair, Geoff mowed the lawn and I hung out with my chickens. Our three poodles are happy to see us and remember! They are back too snuggling on the bed. So hello again to waking us up early and scratching for fleas. Really, its joy.

photo 2Geoff and I drove our cars and turned on our laptops for the first time in 105 days. I really had to think about the buttons and controls for each to get it right. Everything feels weird.

On the first morning home I cooked eggs on toast for us all. When the toast popped up I said out loud ‘wow that is so cleaver’. The miracle of toast popping up automatically ready to eat. What an appreciation for the little things.

The kids are back at school, Geoff is back at work fixing cars, and I am at home catching up on all the stuff here. Some of that includes walking around aimlessly scratching my head, watering plans, making lists, washing clothes, visiting the chickens again and yes all the paperwork.

It feels like two worlds – one where we are carefree with nothing to worry about and the other is structured full of responsibility. You cant really have your brain in both. Its either in one place or the other. So now we are a bit stuck in the land in between and working our way back.

We get asked all sorts of questions from our friends like ‘best bits’ and ‘was it awesome’ and ‘was it hard’? I would have to say the BEST thing we seem to all have noticed is that it was a very special family time. We all were together, grew together and just hung out. No matter what was going on or what we were seeing – we were together. That was the best bit.

And to see the maturity and growth in Bailey and Gracie is gold. Both have come back different, especially Gracie. Both have blossomed from their love and appreciation of everything through to decision-making and responsibilities. So its not where you go or what you do, its the opportunity for growth that is the real adventure.

Thank you for following our journey over the past few months. I know so many of you have loved it as much as we have. It was just as much your journey as it was ours.

With love… the CapROCKWatters xx


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