Karijini National Park WA

We are packing again… with much excitement. This time we are off in our caravan. We all love the freedom of being independent and with all our stuff, just like a snail has his home on his back. No matter what happens we have our little home. We want to get into Karijini before the depth of winter. It can get really cold in the desert.

We have had our caravan for a few years now. Since our 4 month trip around half of Australia. It reminds me of how simple life can be. We have all we need in one little comfy space that is not only adequate but also really homely.

Our caravan is always packed and the beds are made. It is an easy to prepare for holiday. Yesterday I went through all the cupboards and wrote a shopping list with Gracie for all the things we need to top up on. We will take enough food for the 3 week trip.

Geoff and Bailey build a new drawer system in the back of Geoffs car. He also upgraded the car fridge and a new 60 litre in car water tank.

I had a bit of a look on the Karijini internet sites last night. Looks like the place has changed a fair bit since we were there in 1996. One of my friends last week described Karijini as the highlight of her Australia trip last year. I think we have forgotten how cool the place is. Its a good time now to get the kids into there and do all the gorge walks.



One thought on “Karijini National Park WA

  1. G’day Geoff ,Wendy,Bailey,Gracie and all your animals.Can’t wait to rage on with all our groovy family over in the west.I will start dance training at once so we can bust out some fab moves with you all on that big night.Life is all good back here,and all are doing well. Take care all travel safe and will talk to you all soon. East coast jones

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