photoHi, my name is Bailey.

I am 10 years old.

I love going fishing.  I especially like diving for crayfish with my Dad.

I love riding my long board down the foreshore and going for swims.  I like it when we go as a family to the foreshore.

I love playing with my sister in the bush.   I love reading books.                I read a lot.

We have got three lambs, one called Matilda.  My one is Banjo he is a boy.  He is the smallest out of the three.  We have two dogs called Mina and Maggie.  I love them both.

I love hanging out with my friends at school.

I have been learning Guitar for about four years.  I know about 20 songs.

I am cool because I am cool.  I am awesome because I am awesome.  There is no one I would like to be but me 🙂  I love my Mum and Dad and hanging out with them.  I think I am doing really well this year in school and I am really proud of myself.  I am a very fast runner.


One thought on “BJ

  1. You are awesome Bailey just being yourself, don”t ever change your outlook on life, we love you just the way you

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