photoHello my name is Gracie

I am 8 years old. I like to play Lego and explorers.  That is when we go to the bush and play cowboys and cowgirls and we fight with wooden swords.  I also like playing with my friends and playing lots of games with them.

We have lots of pets.  My favourite one is my bunny called Lola.  She likes to escape when we open the lid. It takes a long time to catch her because she is very fast.

I like to cuddle her and she is the best pet ever.

I like going camping especially for a long time.  I really enjoyed our three month holiday around Australia.

I like camping at the beach with our friends in our caravan.  I love going to Gnaraloo.

I also like going on the boat fishing.  My favourite part of fishing is when we get to jump off the boat and go for a swim.  I dont like it when its rough.

I love that I am kind and I like having time with myself and reading books.  I love art and doing drawings.  I love that I am myself 🙂


One thought on “GV

  1. Gracie Val what a beautiful little girl you are, so caring and kind. Enjoy you next big holiday, I will keep an eye on all you cute pets.. Love you xx

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